30 June 2009

News: La Jornada

June 26th: GMO corn will aggravate social and economic problems. More than 300 organizations comprised of producers, environment-alists, human rights advocates, and participants in the 'Without Corn There Is No Country' campaign called upon president Felipe Calderón to stop the authorization of experimental GMO corn plots.

“Awarding permits for GMO corn production in the country will mean losing control over the quality of the white corn that we use in our food,” campaign members emphasized in their written plea. They warned of the biological, sanitary, and environmental risks as well as the economic, social, and political problems “that will be aggravated by the monopolizing practices characteristic of foreign companies that are promoting GMO corn production in Mexico.”

“Biosecurity is a crucial matter in the country. The recent sanitary crisis caused by the influenza awoke us to the transcendence of biological processes as related to health. In the case of corn, its modification presents risks to the environment, human and animal health, which has been widely shown in a number of scientific studies.”

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  1. i miss you. but see your sensitivity and care though your photos and glad to have a bit of eva in my day : )